The Writing Clinic offers online one-on-one coaching. Benefits include flexible scheduling and fully customized help. Busy executives receive quick editing help to polish speeches, announcements, and articles. Technical and scientific professionals receive individual attention on challenging writing projects. Foreign-born professionals receive specialized coaching to ensure successful and strategic communication.


  • Producing excellent documents with the help of a professional editor
  • Maximizing learning and application with a flexible schedule
  • Fully customized instruction and editing help

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Susan was fantastic in editing and polishing my newsletters, blogs, and speeches and in teaching me important writing concepts and strategies. She always made sure that she understood the subject, the language, the target readers, the business, and the culture, when she edited for me.

Susan’s efforts helped me tremendously in effectively communicating with our global team around the world.

Based on my working experience with Susan for seven years, I say her business knowledge, cross-cultural understanding, writing skills and communication arts are among the best in the industry. She is professional, diligent, reliable, flexible with time, and extremely responsive. I thank her and endorse her wholeheartedly.”

— Patrick. Y. Yang, Ph.D., Retired Executive Vice President, Genentech, Inc.

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