A reader-centered “formula” for writing anything well + personalized feedback result in Email Excellence. Exercises and examples are pulled from participants’ own writing samples. One month follow-up after each workshop ensures continued improvement.


  • Get key messages across clearly and quickly
  • Boost chances of getting responses
  • Choose words and phrases that deliver content concisely
  • Feel confident in writing to any reader across the globe
  • Write in a professional reader-friendly style in less time


  • Grabbing readers’ attention by answering their top two questions
  • Three proven strategies to get prompt responses
  • Intercultural communication skills
  • Persuasive strategies to powerfully present key messages
  • Finding and deleting extra words and extraneous detail
  • Using a reader-friendly formula to speed up writing and organizing
  • Identifying and using “editing triggers” to minimize changes
  • Style Flexing: clear and persuasive writing styles

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Participants say:

Lively and interactive.”

No more repeating myself to get my point across.”

The workshop is amazing, and the instructor is the best.”

One of the most remarkable aspects of Susan’s training is how much she knows about us and is able to translate it into our work! She has great sensitivity.”

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