Our writing workshops provide participants with the confidence and strategies essential to writing anything better. They learn what patterns get in the way of clear and concise emails and how to fix them. They learn the latest trends in business and technical writing. They learn how to flex their writing styles to be persuasive.


A reader-centered “formula” for writing anything well + personalized feedback result in Email Excellence. Exercises and examples are pulled from participants’ own writing samples. One month follow-up after each workshop ensures continued improvement.


Writing Tune-Up provides an update of writing rules specific to business and technical writing. Exercises help participants learn and practice how to write clearly, concisely, and correctly.


The Writing Clinic offers online one-on-one coaching. Benefits include flexible scheduling and fully customized help. Busy executives receive quick editing help to polish speeches, announcements, and articles. Technical and scientific professionals receive individual attention on challenging writing projects. Foreign-born professionals receive specialized coaching to ensure successful and strategic communication.

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To find out how we can tailor our Email Excellence, Writing Tune-Up, or Writing Clinic programs to your organization’s needs, please contact us.

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What participants say about Email Excellence:

Lively and interactive.”

No more repeating myself to get my point across.”

The workshop is amazing, and the instructor is the best.”

One of the most remarkable aspects of Susan’s training is how much she knows about us and is able to translate it into our work! She has great sensitivity.”

What participants say about
Writing Tune-Up:

What I liked best was being able to get answers to several grammar questions that had been bothering me.”

Susan was very engaging and was very willing to answer any and all questions.”

Great class! Made learning fun.”

I learned the updated version of business writing while being reminded of the basics.”

What participants say about
Writing Clinic:

Susan’s efforts helped me tremendously in effectively communicating with our global team around the world.”

— Patrick. Y. Yang, Ph.D., Retired Executive Vice President, Genentech, Inc.