Strategies for Success for Foreign-Born Professionals focuses on the key knowledge and skills required for effective performance and career success in the American corporate environment. Highly participatory, the workshop makes extensive use of experiential training methods such as role plays, simulations, and small group exercises.


  • Understand American workplace behavior and expectations
  • Assess where participants stand on factors that predict success, including proactivity, learning goal orientation, and assertiveness
  • Build the power and influence skills essential for career advancement in the multicultural workplace
  • Improve skills in networking and building relationships that are keys to career
  • Develop an action plan to facilitate transfer of learning from the classroom to the workplace


  • Framework for identifying and understanding key cultural differences in the American workplace
  • Interactive speaking and listening skills
  • Self-assessment of characteristics that predict career success
  • Understanding influence and power in the workplace
  • Building a powerful partnership relationship with your boss and senior management to maximize influence and career success
  • Doing your job more effectively and taking the initiative to make you a more valued organization member
  • Identification and practice of networking strategies

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Participants say:

The class helped me understand why Americans act the way they do at work and what is expected of me in the workplace.”

The class was very good for developing my self-awareness and for my goal setting. I now feel empowered to advance my career.”