Managing the Multicultural Workforce goes beyond the limited focus on specific facts about different cultures and instead empowers participants with a strategic framework to enable them to work effectively across all cultures. This program is flexibly tailored to address specific training needs. It is primarily designed for managers and supervisors to develop the essential communication, interpersonal, and group facilitation skills required to manage individuals from different cultural backgrounds. It can also be adapted for individual contributors. Its special focus is on managing teams.


  • Understand how specific cultural differences affect communication, interpersonal relationships, and teamwork in the workplace
  • Develop key skills for effective cross-cultural communication
  • Develop strategies for resolving on-the-job situations that produce misunderstandings and conflict
  • Understand how to motivate international employees
  • Build a cohesive and effective multicultural team
  • Identify and manage cultural differences that may affect efforts at quality improvement, employee involvement, and employee participation.


  • Awareness of cultural differences in the workplace
  • Cultural self-awareness of participants’ perceptions and interpretations that influence the management of diversity
  • Intercultural communication skills
  • Skills in building effective work relationships across cultures
  • Strategies for developing a high performing multicultural team
  • Analysis of critical incidents and case studies that illustrate effective and ineffective ways of managing cultural diversity
  • Development of action plans to facilitate transfer of learning from the classroom to the workplace

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Participants say:

A very useful, insightful class.”

Dr. Baker is extremely knowledgeable and encouraging and has excellent communication skills.”